Wine & Cheese, Please!

Girls Night Out doesn’t happen nearly enough around here, but when it does… Look out! Not really. Haha Things tend to be pretty tame and that’s totally fine.

A couple girlfriends and I took advantage of some gorgeous weather to have a glass of wine and a light snack (after I’d had a seriously yummy and filling lunch). We circled The Square a couple times, finding the perfect parking spot, and strolled ourselves right on over to Landon Winery. Live music filled the air as we settled into a cozy corner with chairs and benches wrapped around a wicker and glass coffee table. Little did we know, we were in for a treat!

My friend wanted a tasting. This was fun for her. If you’re undecided on a single selection or just want to try a few to find out what you like, the tasting is the way to go. I opted for a glass of merlot. We also ordered a cheese board. Um. Yum. Look at this.

Landon has an amazing story, dating back to 1989 when Bob Landon started a basement winery. His wine-making evolved, eventually becoming one of the largest winery’s in Texas. No small fete considering the wine and winegrape industry contributes more than $2 billion to the Lone Star State’s economy.

Not only was the wine and cheese satisfying, we met a couple newlyweds and chatted with them well into the evening, as if we all were old friends. LW is a perfect spot for a date night, double date, girls night out, you name it. Somehow it’s just what’s needed no matter your crew.

Know Before You Go:

Landon Winery McKinney
101 N. Kentucky St.
McKinney, Texas 75069
(972) 542-3030

+ Cheese boards come in small and large sizes. The menu also features a hummus plate.

+ If you like your wine sweet, definitely try the Peach.

+ There are two other locations, Wylie and Greenville.


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