Feel Good Food

A good workout + a good meal = a feel good body!

That’s how we felt – gooood – after a quick workout and a delish lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen in Frisco. Whether you’re a gym rat or sofa surfer, eating the right stuff can do wonders for your body.

In another professional life as a news reporter, Tricia covered the first location to open in Dallas. It was a great family story of a mom who fed her football playing sons and all their buddies at her kitchen table. Now, you can find the restaurants just about everywhere across the country.

So, when we learned we’d have a Zoe’s almost around the corner from our spot in the suburbs, we were thrilled.

On our most recent visit we branched out from the usual steak and shrimp kabobs for the signature Mediterranean Chicken. It comes crowned by perfectly caramelized onions and with a side of Greek salad, white beans and a couple slices of pita bread.

Take a gander at this:

Our plate of deliciousness!

Close up of the white beans.

Check out the bottle of Greek Dressing. You’ll want to drink it. Seriously!

Looks good, right? If you’re wanting gluten-free, just tell them to hold the pita. We’d never had the white beans. So, the fact that they were tasty was a nice surprise. Actually, we haven’t had a bad meal at Zoe’s, which is why we’re telling you about them. The hummus is always good and an old favorite of ours is the pimento cheese sandwich. The latter is how we fell in love with Zoe’s the first time around.

This is simply a great place for adults and kids alike. Bright and decorated with happy colors, you can feed your littles fresh-made grilled chicken fingers, chicken salad, salmon or shrimp kabobs, pizza piadina or a pasta bowl. The all-you-can-drink fountain, utensils, napkins and condiments are conveniently located within the dining room.

There is just so much goodness on the menu for the whole family, including vegetarian and vegan.

If you try Zoe’s, give us a shout and tell us what you think!

Know Before You Go:

+Three words: Pimento Cheese Dip. You’re welcome!

+Definitely up your salad game with the house-made Greek Dressing. So yum!

+Save room for desert. The chocolate cake is our fave! It’s the kind that hits the spot when you’re craving it, but don’t want to pull out the mixer.







  1. Cynthia
    June 18, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    Oh my! Those white beans look delicious… almost look as good as mine!

    • June 20, 2017 / 2:29 am

      They were pretty tasty! Would love to try yours. 😊

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