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Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Ragu

Hello, Spring!

This winter season was brutal. Between catching the usual yuckies and dealing with allergies, our little family is so ready for a season of good health. It was during my recovery from a bout of pneumonia that I decided small, protein packed meals were exactly what was needed to get my body back on track. Only problem was I wasn’t in any condition to cook them myself. Then I remembered seeing one of those “healthy” places on our regular errand-running route.

So, after a full-on play date we drove right by it, Simply Fit Meals.

Cue the harps and angels.

Simply Fit Meals – Allen

This place has a great variety of meals and they help you pick out kid-approved items, too. With about 50 menu options, Simply Fit Meals cooks up fresh grub every day and then delivers it to eight DFW locations.

On our first visit, I took note of the yummy snacks, like these protein packed chips. Um. Yum. They taste like they’re bad for you, but nope. There’s literally 6 grams of protein in a 1-ounce bag. It felt so awesome to chow down on these. No guilt. Nada. Juices also are available as well as the house Almond Mylk. With only five ingredients, it is so smooth and yummy!

With the help of our boys, we walked out carrying about a week’s worth of chilled meals. All you need to do is keep them refrigerated and when you’re ready, pop them in the microwave for a couple minutes and voila, instant breakfast, lunch or dinner. Labeling on each container tells you just how many calories you’re consuming along with the amount of fat, carbs, protein, fiber and sodium.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds healthy and all, but how does it taste, right? I gotta tell ya. I was suspicious, too. Surely something this good for you can’t be good to you.

Well, one of our promises is that we won’t ever share anything with you we didn’t enjoy eating. So, rest assured if you see it here, it’s yummy to the tummy.

Now that we’ve removed the elephant from the room, let’s talk about what wound up in our fridge: Almond Crusted Salmon with Asparagus, Sesame Ginger Salmon with Green Beans, Thai Basil Shrimp, Chicken and rice, Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Ragu and Turkey Mac & Cheese.

Sesame Ginger Salmon

Next time, we will grab a couple of breakfast burritos and a salad. They offer those, too. Check out the full menu here.

We think you should try it because it’s a win-win-win.

1) You don’t have to cook.

2) You know exactly what you’re eating and how it benefits your body.

3) It’s tasty!

Know Before You Go:

+ Bring your questions. The gal who helped us welcomed them and offered great suggestions.

+ Know your budget. Meals range from around $8-11. You can easily load up and get a nice surprise at the register. Haha. But, think of it as an investment in your health. You’re worth it.


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