Eat Well in Tulsa

We are in love with The Chalkboard!

No, not the one in our sons’ classrooms.

The place we’re speaking of is known for its gourmet American cuisine and is nestled within the lower level of Tulsa’s highly-rated Ambassador Hotel, which occupies a spot on the coveted National Register of Historic Places. Impressive, right?

The Ambassador Hotel’s entrance.

Stairway to eating well!

The Chalkboard’s outdoor dining room.

And the folks at this family-owned establishment are serious about what they do. A review of the website quickly reveals the owners and staff know more than a thing or two about the restaurant industry.

But let’s talk about the real purpose of this post – the food!

Chalkboard’s dinner menu offers salads and small and large plates. Breakfast, lunch and brunch also are served. There’s a full bar and catering services. If you’re not sure what to order, just ask. Your server will point you in the right direction. We couldn’t decide between the lamb or pork chops and took the suggestion for the latter.

Um. Wow! So glad we did. It was delish!

Look at this plate! Perfection, right.

The grilled pork chop was served on a bed of kale with mushroom bread pudding and a homemade apple sauce. It was so nice, we had it twice! Haha Clearly, we recommend it.

On our last visit, after learning we’d be arriving late, the hotel staff suggested placing an order and they graciously delivered it ahead of time. We were grateful to check into a very comfortable room and enjoy a solid meal at the end of a long day.

That’s serious service anyone can appreciate.

Know Before You Go:

+The Chalkboard is located in downtown Tulsa and is open pretty late, 11 p.m.

+ This is a great place for a date night, family dinner or special celebration. There’s space for private group dining as well.


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