Pi for everyone!

We’re not mathematicians, but we’re excited about Pi Day.

Everyone gets in on the action and rarely does it have anything to do with number theory. Mostly it has everything to do with pie. Pizza pie, apple pie, homemade pie, store-bought pie, throwing pie…

Um. You get the picture.

So, when we heard Emporium Pies was offering specials, we knew exactly where we would head to celebrate this annual event.

Emporium Pies in McKinney.

Behold, the entry to sweet circles of euphoria. Of course, a lots of us had the same idea. All of us made a pilgrimage to our historic town square in search of familiar goodness and a couple guest appearances. We found ourselves amongst the first few to enter, patiently waiting for the chance to grab our goodies and dig in. A new friend in line was picking up pies for her daughter’s Pi Day wedding! That’s the sweetest news, isn’t it?


Emporium’s pretty pie box & menu.

So, back to the matter at hand. See, normally we go for slices of Smooth Operator, Lord of the Pies and The Drunken Nut. Crazy names, right? See the full menu here. Once you figure out the cryptic yumminess, just place your order and you’re in business. The Smooth Operator is a French silk chocolate pie nestled in a pretzel crust. Not only is it yummy, it’s so pretty. Seriously. See for yourself.

The Smooth Operator. This is our fave!

Well, today was kinda unique. Two savory pies – vegetarian and chicken – joined the legendary regulars. Doesn’t this look so, so good?

Savory goodness they’re calling Chicken Lickin’! Photo Credit: Emporium Pies

A slice of the Chicken Lickin’.

Our slice didn’t look all that great in the basket by the time we got it home, but the taste was so, so good it left us wishing we’d ordered a whole pie for our evening meal. Filled with chicken, veggies and a yummy gravy in a puff pastry crust, this is worth screaming, winner, winner chicken dinner. Haha

Are you having pie today? How are you celebrating? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Instagram.

Know Before You Go:

+Regular menu items are $6 per slice/$30-40 for a whole pie. The Spanakopita (veggie) and Chicken Lickin’ are $6.50 per slice/ $45.

+There are three locations: The Bishop Arts District, Deep Ellum & McKinney.

+Be patient. The folks there are slicing and packaging especially for each person. Good things come to those who wait, right?



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